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Advice, Information and Support
This service offers support, advice and information on welfare benefits, family, health and social problems. We also acted as a referral agency for those who had a need for specialists’ advice on issues such as matrimonial, mental health, disability, etc.
The service is offered in Greek, Turkish and English languages and is taking in consideration the sensitivities and needs of the Cypriot community on the above issues. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.00pm.

Adults & Carers Club
This group comprises of adults (mostly single) and Carers from both communities attending the Association facilities twice a week (Monday and Thursday) from 11.00am until 2.30pm where they can enjoy a warm atmosphere and unwind.
Services provided include chair relaxing exercises, community newspapers (in both languages), music, traditional table games, tea and coffee with biscuits, soft refreshments and a cooked lunch based on a healthy diet and on a culturally inspired menu for £1.50 per person. The project is well attended and relieves some people from their isolation and also provides an oasis for the housebound single and middle aged couples, carers and cared for, elderly and disabled people.

Mothers & Children's Club
This group comprises mothers and other carers with young children under 5 years old from both Cypriot communities and Turkish speaking communities attending the Association facilities twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) from 12.00 noon until 2.30pm. As the children play together with the toys provided by the Association, the mothers can enjoy a warm cup of tea and unwind from a long week of work.
From time to time, the Association organises fun activities for the children and courses/seminars for the mothers enabling them to learn new skills. As always it is yet another opportunity for mums, dads, carers and children to come together and make new friends. It also provides a break from the daily routine of home isolation allowing access to a culturally sensitive atmosphere in a safe environment.

Since our return to Boleyn Hall we plan and organise on the first Friday of each calendar quarter a public social/cultural event.

The quarterly events are design and targeting people especially the housebound single and middle age couples, carers, disabled people to offer them an escape from their isolation and also provide an oasis which fulfil their cultural aspirations.