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The name of the organisation is Enfield Cypriots Association (ECA) and is a voluntary unincorporated association. In this website the organisation will be referred to as ECA or the Association.

The Association was formed in 1982 and worked in an organised and systematic manner up until 1994. It did a lot of good work and some of its achievements are continued today by other independent organisations, which are essentially offshoots of ECA (e.g. Enfield Cypriot Elderly and Disabled Group). Then it gradually went into decline. 

It was re-activated in 1998 and reorganised on a new footing with a new Management Committee (MC) consisting of new and old members and restructured to serve the changed needs of the community for the benefit of all Cypriots of Enfield. The Association is unique in that it spans all age groups from all Cypriot communities and its work covers a broad range of services, events and activities.

The Association draws its membership, users/clients and Management Committee members from both communities of Cyprus (Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots) spanning the first, the second as well as the third generation. The Association and its activities have grown significantly in recent years and especially during the years 2007-2009 at its short term premises at Boleyn Hall. Due to Health and Safety issues with the Boleyn Hall ECA had to move out. Since then the Local Authority has upgraded and modernised the Boleyn Hall. 

Following a need for more space and facilities as demonstrated in our document “ECA Business Plan” dated 6/4/2006 and its subsequent updates we set out as our long term goal the establishment of a Cypriot Community Centre in the London Borough of Enfield. Taking into account that need and our long term goal we approached the Local Authority with a request to undertake the sole responsibility for the management of Boleyn Hall and we demonstrated our willingness and our plans to achieve that through our document “Statement of Intent/Business Plan for Boleyn Hall” dated July 2010. 

Whilst we were in discussions about our proposal with the Local Authority, in June 2012 the Local Authority changed its mind and decided to keep the management of Boleyn Hall with Halls4all of Enfield Homes. Our discussions continued and in the middle of  July 2012 we reached an agreement to return to Boleyn Hall and to have our own office space and a store room free of charge and to be able to do bookings for the use of the Hall at a reduced cost rate per hour as a community volunteer organisation. This was not what we were aiming for but it was the next best solution at the time.

On Monday 10th of September 2012 we started functioning from the premises at Boleyn Hall.

The objectives of the ECA – which apply to all Cypriots living or working in the London Borough of Enfield including their spouses and children of mixed marriages– are as follows

  • To provide access to information, advice, training and education workshops
  •  To provide a place to meet and socialise
  • To facilitate and empower the voice of the Cypriot community
  • To provide structured activities for the disabled, carers, elderly, women, youth
  • To conduct outreach to identify users and clients